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01/21/09 05:00 PM #1    

Jessica Burns (Peterson)

Welcome to the Catholic Memorial High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

01/23/09 07:50 PM #2    

Patrick Conley (Conley)

what about gina jelinek?

01/30/09 05:08 PM #3    

Jessica Burns (Peterson)

Good call, I'll have to add her to the list, CMH must have dropped her.

02/18/09 12:21 PM #4    

Karianne Greisen (Sletten)

Okay, so I don't have the reunion details. Am I not looking in the right spot? Karianne

02/21/09 04:01 PM #5    

Martha Pegg (Martinez)

Is it possible to send a message to a person that has not updated their file?

03/16/09 10:58 AM #6    

Kim Peltier (Lestina)

Great website Jessica. Thanks for doing this.

06/09/09 06:12 PM #7    

Colleen Caldwell (Sinson)

I just looked at everyone who posted pictures and I have to say that you all look FANTASTIC. I am actually amazed because I watched some of the reality show "Class Reunion" and all of the people on that show looked so very old. I couldn't believe that WE were actually going to have our 20th---as if we were actually 'that old.' Well, congrats, none of you guys look old:)

07/11/09 09:59 PM #8    

Patrick Conley (Conley)

age is a relative concept, like time. once you accept the notion of time being something other than a linear abstract, age is meaningless. time is generally seen as a stream, flowing one way, but that should stop us from paddling like hell the way we want to go.

nice to see that i haven't changed much :D

07/11/09 10:02 PM #9    

Patrick Conley (Conley)

ok, just out of curiosity, are there any teachers we might want to drag out of retirement and dust off so they can enjoy the reunion with us?

09/10/09 08:28 PM #10    

Bruce Buerger

National commercial spot for Batteries Plus starring Chris Beres.

Cameo Appearances Payback Bear for those golf balls you gave Zeller with my face on them. :)

11/03/10 06:31 PM #11    

Patrick Conley (Conley)

in case some of you are not aware, i am back in school for hotel/restaurant management/culiary/baking.  that said if anyone is willing to pony up the cash, the cooking space, and the stomachs, i'll be more than happy to cook for y'all.  my personal preference is baking, cheesecakes and cakes with SOME decoration.  ace of cakes i am not, so if you do want a cake with decoration, be gentle with me....

i've got dessert/baking cook books up the wazoo and a few (mostly grilling) others.  if you have recipes, i'm all ears.

email me if interested

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